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MDMAGRICONSULTANCY was founded in 2012 by Mário de Matos, Bsc, Agr., to provide agriculture consultancy services to governments and private companies.

The company embodies decades of experience managing and implementing agricultural, logistical and development projects in over 30 countries throughout 45 years.

We are specialised in the following:

  • Agricultural medium and large scale projects prefeasibility and feasibility studies, projects appraisals and evaluations, data collection and interpretation in a multitude of social, technical and cultural environments.
  • Project Concessionary and Commercial Finance Guidance and Support
  • Agricultural management and consulting of sugar cane, horticultural, rice and other cereals plantations on dry land and irrigated conditions, covering all agronomic different technical areas and procurement of finance requirements.
  • Techniques of mid-term reviews, final evaluations, output to purpose reviews, and impact evaluations, including the leading of evaluation teams;
  • Community development studies, small family farms cooperatives and associations organization in rural high and low input systems of agriculture.
  • Policy and strategy development studies for the rural sector of new cane sugar estates, horticultural commercial developments design, management, provision of support and assistance including technical, environmental and social impact studies.
  • Advise to government institutions in agricultural policies and development planning.
  • Design and development of capacity building activities, as well as running in-service training programmes for professionals.
  • Management and advise in working procedures in a post war contexts of reconstruction of agricultural production units.
  • Soils reconnaissance, semi-detailed and detailed surveys supported by drones and satellite imagery.
  • Mining geological studies technical, legal and acquisition support.
  • Fisheries large commercial and medium size operations projects support.
  • Project Concessionary and Commercial Finance Guidance and Support 

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